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Hundreds of interesting people have come through the door at Live Oak Recording Studio. I wondered how each of these folks ended up in their line of work — so I asked them!  You can hear what they said in the interviews below.  Feel free to leave a comment or question — and thanks for listening!

Aug 15, 2007

Kid Beyond, aka..Andrew Chaiken, is one of the most talented and most unusual vocal artists I have ever met. He is a one man vocal orchestra, also known as a beat boxer, who creates all the sounds of the drum set and the rest of the band with his voice. He then layers the sounds with the help of a digital looping device and then sings in harmony over the top.The result is incredible. All of the music you will hear is created, not by instruments, but by Andrews mouth! This podcast was recorded at Jazz Camp West in Northern California where Andrew was teaching this summer. His website is

almost thirteen years ago

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