Michele Molitor is a professional certified business coach and consultant who works with business owners and executives of small to mid-sized companies. She is very intuitive and has an innate ability to really focus on what might be the most important tasks which need enhancing to further your success. She has also just published a new "e" book called, "Got Experts?" which is available through her website at www.nectarconsulting.com
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Victoria Danzig is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in La Jolla California. She practices a cutting edge technology called Advanced Integrative Therapy which is very successful in helping eliminate really deep rooted negative thoughts and feelings caused by traumatic events. It is different and can be more effective than just using traditional talk therapy.
If you find this interview interesting, check out Victoria's website where you can find more information about her services and trainings at  www.thoughtfield.com .
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This is the second half of an interview with Arina Isaacson. In this portion she describes her work as a creativity coach and how that interlaces with the Law of Attraction. Her background as an internationally known director,theatrical clown,master puppeteer and storyteller,gives her the wisdom and tools to help people accomplish their goals through the creation of art. If you would like to see more of what she has created, go to her website at http://www.arinaart.com
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Arina Isaacson is a woman with a particular gift. She teaches techniques for folks with highly developed left brains (like advanced degree scientists and engineers) to experience the world around them more like an artist or a performer might. These are skills she acquired by experience.She is an internationally recognized director, theatrical clown, master puppeteer and storyteller. Now she is an executive coach in the corporate world. Check out her website for more information at http://www.arinainc.com
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This is a special edition of my podcast recorded on location at Jazz Camp West in 2008 with Tootie Heath, one of the greatest jazz drummers of all time. Tootie has a long history of recording and playing with the best known musicians starting his career in 1957 on a debut album with John Coltrane.That was followed by years spent with JJ Johnson, Cedar Walton, Wes Montgomery, Herbie Hancock and Yusef Lateef...Just to name a few. He was very well known for his years spent playing with his brothers, Percy and Jimmy in the Heath Brothers Band.
In this interview, Tootie talks about his latest project in which three or sometimes four drummers play standard tunes providing all of the parts of a tradition song...the melody and the solos..without the help of any other instruments. You can hear more of the music and learn more about his new project at this website: http://www.thewholedrumtruth.com
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Join Priscilla in a conversation with Ernie Mansfield, a brilliant musician and composer, who plays at least five different instruments, about what brought him to his passion of teaching music to people of all ages. If you are an aspiring musician who never had the chance to study an instrument, this podcast might give you the inspiration to start some music lessons. Ernie feels that it is never too late to make music! Check out his website at www.mansfieldmusic.com
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The opera is alive and thriving in Berkeley, California! This podcast, an interview with the Artistic Director Jonathan Khuner, gives you a taste of the programming and history of this unique operatic company.The Berkeley Opera is known for it's adventurous productions. Jonathan describes how he has attracted very talented singers and musicians to perform in an intimate setting for over 25 years.
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Priscilla interviews the fabulously talented Lenny Williams, the former lead singer of the 70's R&B group,"Tower of Power". Lenny tells tales of how he got into the music industry, a wonderful benefit concert he is involved with which raises money for the music programs in the San Leandro school system and tells some great stories about his current theatrical run with the great Billie D. Williams.
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Mike Macedonio co-authored the New York Times Bestselling Book,"Truth or Delusion, Busting Networking's Biggest Myths". If you are curious about how to become a better networker, then listen to this interesting discussion. As the President of the Referral Institute, Mike has a wealth of information to share. One of his goals is to create the world's leading referral training organization. Check out www.referralinstitute.com for more information.
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Kid Beyond, aka..Andrew Chaiken, is one of the most talented and most unusual vocal artists I have ever met. He is a one man vocal orchestra, also known as a beat boxer, who creates all the sounds of the drum set and the rest of the band with his voice. He then layers the sounds with the help of a digital looping device and then sings in harmony over the top.The result is incredible. All of the music you will hear is created, not by instruments, but by Andrews mouth! This podcast was recorded at Jazz Camp West in Northern California where Andrew was teaching this summer. His website is www.kidbeyond.com
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Dawn Lyons is a Master Trainer with the Referral Institute and an Executive Director for BNI (Business Networking International). She is a vibrant and dynamic speaker. In this podcast she describes one of her most popular trainings called the "Gems Workshop", in which different behavioral styles and personality traits are identified as belonging to different groups named after the gems: Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Pearls. Knowing more about a client helps you treat them the way they would like to be treated. Since building great relationships is one of the keys to sucessful networking, this is a fabulous and fun tool to help you improve your skills. Dawn's email is dawn@referralinstitute.com Please send any questions or comments to priscilla@liveoakstudio.com
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Dr. Misner is the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world's largest business networking organization. In this interview, we learn about the unusual use of the concept "Giver's Gain" as the guiding principle for all BNI members. He also reveals to Priscilla the influences in his early life which gave him the confidence to be a successful leader of a multinational organization. If you would like to learn more about BNI or become a member, go to www.bni.com
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Claudia Gomez is a wonderfully talented singer, songwriter and guitarist from Medellin, Colombia. In this wide ranging interview, she speaks of the influences of her upbringing in a musical family and her later travels to foreign lands. These experiences are all reflected in her music, an intoxicating blend of Columbian and Cuban rhythms and melodies, mixed with harmonies from Spain and Brazil, and swirled together with American Jazz...all of it graced with the earthly, voluptuous sound of Claudia's voice.

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Ellen Kim is an entrepreneur who followed her dreams and started a new business as a floral designer with a goal of creating beautiful and unique floral art for her individual clients. No two arrangements have ever been the same! She took a leap of faith and gave up a very stable and lucrative job in the graphic design business to do something which feeds her soul and gives joy to her clients as well.

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Genevieve is a singer, songwriter and voice talent who has been featured by the Disney Channel to star in short music videos made from the songs from her cd release called "Choo Choo Soul".She is full of energy and has great ideas for up and coming singers!
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Chivvis Moore has lived for the past 9 years in Palestine and works at Birzeit University in their Institure of Women Studies. She speaks about what it is like to be a Feminist American Woman living in the Middle East during this difficult period of war and upheaval.
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Join Priscilla in a lively conversation with her guest Greg Johnson. Find out how a video game developer with no musical training, created a children's CD, "Choo Choo Soul" that was so good the Disney Channel bought it and is showing music videos of all the songs on their television network.
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Madeline Eastman is a jazz singer,and an international touring and recording artist. She was voted one of the top Jazz Vocalists for the past few years by the readers of Downbeat Magazine.Get to know Madeline's keen sense of humor as she describes her entry into the world of Jazz and what it takes to be a working musician.
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David Rapkin is one of the top audio book producers and directors in the business.He has won several "Audie" awards and is up for two Grammy's this year. He tells stories in this interview about working on the Harry Potter books, a little about his background and also what it takes to be a good audio book producer.He tells wonderful tales about some of the actors and voice over talents he has worked with in the past.
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On the first episode of Priscilla's Podcast from Live Oak Studio, she has as her guest a multitalented actor, voice-over talent,and video producer named Brian Scott. This is a fun interview where Brian talks about how he began in this field and tells us about his new entertainment company which creates customized songs and skits for parties and corporate events.Listen to him singing in some of his characters voices and if you would like to contact him, he can be found at www.o-ollie.com
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