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Hundreds of interesting people have come through the door at Live Oak Recording Studio. I wondered how each of these folks ended up in their line of work — so I asked them!  You can hear what they said in the interviews below.  Feel free to leave a comment or question — and thanks for listening!

Apr 4, 2007

Claudia Gomez is a wonderfully talented singer, songwriter and guitarist from Medellin, Colombia. In this wide ranging interview, she speaks of the influences of her upbringing in a musical family and her later travels to foreign lands. These experiences are all reflected in her music, an intoxicating blend of Columbian and Cuban rhythms and melodies, mixed with harmonies from Spain and Brazil, and swirled together with American Jazz...all of it graced with the earthly, voluptuous sound of Claudia's voice.

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Zoe Smith
fourteen and a half years ago

I have always loved Claudia\\\'s music. It was wonderful to hear her talk about her history. This is the first podcast I have listened to and after sampling this one will be listening to more. Thanks Priscilla.